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Josh the Web Man has the knowledge and the skills to make your business successful online, using modern website design techniques, search engine optimization best practices, and deep social media integration. Josh the Web Man offers a personal touch and works directly with you to make your online business or presence attractive and successful at an affordable price.


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Modern Website Design

Having a modern website is the first step in attracting new clients on the web. “Modern website design” can mean many things, from the way the site appears, to the age of the content on the site, to how easy it is to navigate. But designing a beautiful site is much more than just heading over to Squarespace or Wix and clicking publish. In order to really stand apart from your competitors, it is necessary to think out what you want to say to your customers. Through Josh the Web Man’s 12 question assessment and thorough integration of Google Analytics, Josh the Web Man can help you build a website that presents the best face for your business, all at an affordable price. WordPress is my preferred method of building sites because of its flexibility and customization options. Please view the portfolio of sites we have designed for clients in many different industries, including law, manufacturing and non-profit.

Search Engine Optimization

How search engines rank your website changes daily. One day keywords and images might be the leading factor in determining search ranking, and the next day having your site as speedy as possible for mobile phones might be the difference between the #1 spot and #20 spot on a search results page. Tracking these changes and then implementing them yourself takes a lot of time and technical skill. Josh the Web Man keeps on top of the changes in the SEO world and possesses the talent necessary to make those changes in a timely and efficient manner.

Social Media Integration

So you’ve built a beautiful site, but attracting visitors to your site is still difficult. You also don’t want to spend a lot of money on online advertising. But there is another way! By being active on social media your company can be part of the discussions taking place in your industry. Did you know that people on the internet spend more time browsing social media than interacting with search? Because of this, social media is an essential part of any business’s internet presence. At Josh the Web Man, we understand how social media can be a free marketing tool for your business as well as one which attracts visitors to your site. Expand your market reach with a thought-out social media program developed by Josh the Web Man.

Content Creation

The key to having a successful business presence online is having great content. Whether the web is your main source of income or just a small part of your overall marketing strategy, generating content is a time consuming effort. Time you could otherwise be spending growing other parts of your business! Let Josh the Web Man do the market research, the interest building, and composition involved in creating high-quality content for your business. With quality content, you can turn your site from a mere marketing tool into a trusted resource. Additionally, Josh the Web Man leverages the latest technology to make your website shine and rank well in search.