Tired of copying and pasting?

Do you have a repetitive Excel task that you dread? Or an Excel report that needs to be produced each month that is relatively simple but labor intensive? Do you think there is a better way to be spending your time than endlessly copying and pasting from one spreadsheet to another?

Simplify your reporting workflow!

Never copy and paste for hours again.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then there is most likely a solution that will save you hundreds of hours over the course of the year. Josh the Web Man is well-versed in automating tasks that can quickly execute repetitive tasks that are often assumed to have no faster solution. Automating these processes can save your company time and money.

There are two ways that I primarily automate the processing of data:

Database Integration

Often times the data in an Excel spreadsheet really belong in a database. A database is like a set of Excel spreadsheets linked together. SQL (structured query language) is then used retrieve information from the database. You’re first thought may be that you need lots of fancy equipment to have a database, but this is not the case. There are many databases that can live right on your computer, such as Microsoft Access and sqlite. Josh the Web Man can set up these databases on your computer or network drive. I will then train you and your staff in SQL and other ways to query the data.

Start saving time today!

Contact me about setting up a database for your data.


Databases are not for everyone, and the learning curve for SQL is steep. Another option is programming a macro that with the click of a button can sort, split, combine, and manipulate the data you have stored in Excel spreadsheets (or any other Microsoft Office application). You can even have Excel produce PDFs (depending on the version of Office)!