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Pull Request Update

As you may know, I am the lead developer on a group of sites run by The site, not of my own choosing, runs on CakePHP 4. A few years ago we had the choice to switch since it was on an old version of CakePHP, but I figured that since I was already […]

Fixing Email Issues in WordPress Part 2

Today I fully resolved a issue where emails generated by a client’s WordPress site were only reaching the spam folder of intended recipients instead of their regular inbox. In order to resolve this issue, I relied on the implementation of a plugin, namely WP Mail SMTP. I have used this plugin in the past and […]

WordPress emails not showing up?

Do you have emails generated by your WordPress site but they are not showing up in the inbox of your customers? This was the issue one of my clients was having recently and I went to take a look. After reviewing the settings for the plugin it was clear what the issue was: the emails […]

Show me the Cache

via GIPHY I’ve been doing a lot of work for one of my clients recently, which has involved overhauling a lot of the data models that are used on the site. A few weeks ago, while I was doing this, I finished testing and was ready to deploy to production. I follow the process I […]