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What is Proof-of-Concept Testing? – Part 3

I just wanted to take a moment or two to wrap up my recent discussion on the importance and value of proof-of-concept testing. I mentioned in parts 1 and 2 that proof-of-concept testing comes in two forms. First, a race to MVP, or minimally viable product. Second, pushing already existing technology to its limits to […]

What is Proof-of-Concept Testing? – Part 2

In my previous post about this topic, I discussed how I could quickly build out an app that will bring your idea to life. I’ll discuss another approach in this post about “Proof-of-Concept” testing. “Can what I have also do this?” Often times a client of mine might have some bits and pieces of an […]

PyCon Israel 2022 – Day 2

Here is what I learned and need to research more after attending half of day 2 at PyCon Israel 2022. Keynote: Yam Peleg This morning I caught the early bus to Ramat Gan and was there not only in time for the keynote but also for some light breakfast. Yam Peleg’s claim to fame is […]

What did we do before CodeAcademy?

As a product of the 90s/early 2000s, getting educated in computers was rough. While we had at least one computer per classroom in elementary school (I went to a private school) we only had one semester of computer programming in high school, and it was in BASIC, already an outdated language (though if you know […]